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Project Name 





: Residence 105

: Architecture

: 2,400 sq.ft.

: Vasai, Maharashtra

Two sites of irregular mass connected via a neck pattern combine together to form the site of Residence 105, which is enveloped by closely clustered houses on three sides, pond on one side, main road in the front and green scape on the backside. 

The residence has been planned in a way to keep the front plot free and push the house in the adjacent plot on the backside to leave the front yard spacious with sufficient parking space and a garden area for the client who loves gardening.

The highlight is the front facade which is a simple double-height brick wall with a floating C shape exposed concrete veranda projection. 

This veranda leads to the main door through a passage with a green courtyard on one side and the balcony on the other. Openings of semi-public and private spaces have been positioned facing the green or measures have been taken to restrict the view of the inside.

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