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Project Name 




: Apartment 201

: Interior renovation

: 1,000 sq.ft.      

:Vasai, Maharashtra

Apartment 201 is located on the first floor of a residential complex with small openings overlooking green-scape which restricted the natural light within the house leaving behind dark spaces all through the day, thus maximising the use of artificial light. The client's brief was clear on maximising the natural light and creating a calm, welcoming and homely environment after a long day at work.

Keeping the brief in mind we increased the size of windows in a way that now draws in sufficient natural light through the day where the green-scape acts as a backdrop to the house; eliminated unnecessary walls which made it more spacious, well connected and interactive for a nuclear family. Measures were taken to provide sufficient amount of well planned storage space for ladies of the house that not only added a character to the space but also blended with the place. The walls have been kept white with natural wood finishes and minimum ornamentation to create a homely and welcoming environment. 


This house is a perfect example of old techniques used in a contemporary way and affordable manner to fit within the client's budget.

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